Initiative for Mental Health and Living in India (IMLI)


The Initiative for Mental Health and Living in India (IMLI) is a New Delhi based organization, established in February 2015, addressing the largely ignored mental health conditions in India. 

IMLI was founded in response to the existing treatment gap in mental health. This treatment gap is created in the ecological circle of the individual and is strongly influenced by a terribly skewed ratio of patient to mental health professionals, a stigma in the community and a neglect of mental health policies at the center.

To create change, IMLI was created by a team of motivated professionals from the field of psychology. We at IMLI believe that mental health services need to move beyond the confines of a few service providers, and the cause needs to be addressed by a community which strongly supports psychological well-being for all. For this, we mobilize our most available resource – people. We are determined to soften the harsh judgmental understanding of mental illness, and create a stigma-free, inclusive environment, supported by an active and participative community.

IMLI aims to build this community by making mental health and illness a household concept – nothing to hide, nothing to fear; in fact, something to share. Social change in mental health cannot be done only by increasing or bettering mental health services, but also through a change in the mindset and national policies. IMLI brings people together through innovative means, thus ensuring an active mental health movement in India.

It is our right to live a mentally peaceful and supported life. Join the cause!

Participate in IMLI’s first outreach initiative, The Shrinking Couch (TSC) at

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